SUP Fitness

The paddle board is a fantastic way to get in shape! It will challenge you to use your stabilizing muscles while increasing your core strength and balance. Stand Up Paddle Board is considered a low impact exercise and a great way to improve your overall fitness!

Katrina Aho is an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer and holds a current Lifeguard certification. She is also the owner of Adventure Outdoor Paddle LLC, where she teaches paddle board instruction and leads guided adventure tours. She has been instructing fitness classes since 2014. Her instructing background includes functional fitness, bootcamps, spin, and water aerobics.

Her fitness background includes competing at the collegiate level on a Division 1 Track and Field team as a pole vaulter. After college she remained active in distance running and became a certified personal trainer in 2009. Katrina has a passion for motivating individuals in their search for better health. She brings her enthusiasm for fitness and the love of outdoors to every session!

Based on 60 Minute sessions


1 Session     $55

2 Sessions   $95

  4 Sessions   $180

($10/session DISCOUNT

if you have your own board)