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About Us

paddle boarder at sunrise
business owner and her husband


Adventure Outdoor Paddle LLC began after a major event occurred in our lives...


In December of 2013 my husband, Travis, was diagnosed with a type of blood cancer called Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). After numerous extended hospital stays and chemotherapy treatments, Travis received a stem cell transplant on April 16th, 2014. I left a decade-long zoological career in marine science to assist him in the battle to overcome cancer. He persevered through two years of side effects and setbacks and overcame more medical hardships than any person should ever have to endure. We are very blessed to report that the transplant was a success, and he remains cancer free to this day! 

In so many ways this battle changed our lives forever. We no longer take tomorrow for granted, and we recognize the importance of fitness in overcoming disease. Travis was able to go back to work with the U.S. Forest Service as a firefighter, continuing to rebuild and enjoy the career that he is passionate about. I shifted my focus in a direction to help people with their fitness and overall health. Adventure Outdoor Paddle LLC was started as a way to connect people with the outdoors and combine fitness with an adventurous activity. 

Having lived in Lake County all my life, I have a great appreciation for the beautiful lakes and waterways in our area. Our backgrounds in biology and environmental science, along with a natural love for water activities made the decision easy to start Adventure Outdoor Paddle, LLC. 


We have learned to live each day with all that we have! This enthusiasm for life is evident in all aspects of our business, enjoying the natural world that we live in and sharing the beauty of nature with our guests.


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